Meaghan. 20. Cancer.

I like science, sushi, and making you laugh. Mediocre poet, pretty damn good at fucking. Never afraid.
I was born in the belly of a star.

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    Last night sleeping in my own bed.

    Tomorrow, I move into my new home at University at Buffalo. I am both very excited and slightly terrified. I know only two people at a school of 30,000 people and they aren’t even moving in until Saturday. I know this will be an incredible experience, but it hasn’t quite hit me yet that summer is over and this new chapter of my life is starting.

    I had an absolutely beautiful and brilliant summer, my best summer so far. I worked two jobs, got a B+ in my summer chemistry class, got drunk a lot, went white water rafting, got a new piercing, saw Brand New and Modest Mouse, kissed a lot of great people, fell in love a little bit, went to the beach a lot, had an amazing birthday and birthday party, lost a total of 17 lbs., ate a ton of Panera, got ridiculously tan, cut my hair short (again), spent so many amazing nights with friends, and just never felt so loved and full of joy. This summer was magical and everything I could have ever wanted and more.

    I can only hope Buffalo is the same. Thank you for the great year and even better summer, Long Island, I’ll be back soon.

    P.S. I miss my dog already.

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